Top 10 Motor Homes You Won't Believe Exist

Yes, the title is clickbait, but the Neverwas Haul somehow was placed at #1 of the top of list of exotic motorhomes. Once again, folks can’t wrap their brain around the fact that it is a mobile work of art, and not an actual place to live.

There are loads of strange yet amazing motorhomes out there. Here are 10 amazing motorhomes you won't believe exist. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Be Amazed at these top 10 motorhomes!

MAKE Magazine: Obtainium Cup Rally brings out the Silly


Our friends at MAKE Magazine (and Maker Faire) just posted this fantastic blog post about our recent Obtainium Cup Contraptors Rally. Discovering that the event is "really an excuse for municipal silliness, an old-fashioned family outing, and a focal point for the local maker community," the heavily photo and video-laden post describes the event as an excuse for the city of Vallejo to have fun. Says the author Clair Whitmer, "Obtainium Works is a great example of a makerspace assuming an important civic role and helping turn Vallejo into a fanciful but undeniable example of a maker city in the making."

Obtainium Works Featured in "Jay Leno's Garage"

Kathy & Shannon O'Hare and Kimric Smythe will be guests on an upcoming episode of Jay Leno's Garage which features the Airship, Kristie's Flyer, the Wine Trike, and a number of other steampunk designed vehicles from other fabricators. They just returned from filming this week and the show should air sometime in April or May. We will update you as we get firm details. They had a wonderful time with Jay and his crew who were very professional and made them feel at home among all the steam powered vehicles and engines.

Jay Leno Promo.jpg

2018 Obtainium Work Schedule!

Off to more adventures! The crew of Obtainium Works are building new vehicles and running several events!

  • March 17: The 6th Anniversary Fundraiser, Dinner and a Show! Featuring a new mystery play!
  • July 21-22: Obtainium Cup and Art Car Jam
  • November 10-11: Vallejo Open Studios
  • December 1: 9th Annual Mad Hatter Parade & Festival
2018 Save Date Front.jpg
2018 Save Date Back.jpg

"Art of Peace": Transforming Guns into Art


Obtainium Works hosted a guns into art day at the shop. Here is the text from KTVU's "Bay Area People" Facebook page:

The #ArtofPeace project was started in memory of Robby Poblete who lost his life to gun violence in Vallejo.  His mother faced with overwhelming grief started the The Robby Poblete Foundation to turn tragedy into hope.

The exhibit will open in the spring and is all about transformation. Artists have now been chosen to take confiscated weapons and turn them into pieces that will inspire and educate. For many this journey is personal.

Some of the weapons came from a gun buyback with the Vallejo Police DepartmentThe Richmond Police Department also donated confiscated weapons and @alameda county is also signing up to get involved. Thanks as well to Omnific Pictures Director TJ Walkup for help with video for this story.

 Shannon O'Hare being interviewed by KTVU news with the leaders of the Robby Poblete Foundation.

Shannon O'Hare being interviewed by KTVU news with the leaders of the Robby Poblete Foundation.

Happy 2017! New Events!

The new event schedule is now available for 2017!

April 14:    5th Anniversary party at the Empress Theatre! (Premiere of "Vintage Tomorrows" documentary featuring Obtainium Works!)
May 19-21:    Maker Faire at San Mateo Fairgrounds
July 4th:    Parade in downtown Vallejo
July 22-23:    Obtainium Cup & Art Car Jam
August 28-Sept 1:    Burning Man in Nevada
October 28-29:    Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner Theater
December 2:    Mad Hatter Holiday Parade

All events are in Vallejo, California unless otherwise posted.

As usual, the shop is open on Sundays for work days and tours.