Obtainium Works is fiscally sponsored by the Solano County Arts Council which is a non-profit 501(c)(3) . Your donation to them is fully tax deductible and will go to support all Obtainium Works activities and projects. If you want a tax-deductible donation, send your check to:

Solano County Arts Council

P.O. Box 869

Vallejo , CA 94590


If you want to donate directly to Obtainium Works without getting a tax deduction, click the donate button below.



Donation Levels

$25                         Fan Level

$50                         Steampunk Level

$75                         Neverwas Level

$100                       Order of Cthulhu Level

$250                       Mad Hatter Level

$500                       General Nuisance Level

$750                        Admiral Awesome Level

$1,000                    Imperialist Level