2014-12-14 Vallejo Grand Homes Tour

5th Annual Grand Homes & Historical Landmarks of Vallejo Tour

Vallejo’s Grand Homes Tour is part of the Mad Hatter Holiday Festival, an entertainment-filled celebration of the festive season. The tour will take visitors to a number of charming historic homes, each an architectural gem.
The Tour’s reception -- from 3-5pm -- is in an historic building that was once Vallejo’s City Hall built in 1927, and designed by architect Charles Perry. It is now the Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum where the exhibit “Gazing Through the Looking Glass” will be presented. Major illustrators of Alice in Wonderland books and artist with the fascination of Wonderland will be on display. At the reception, there will be old-time musical banjo performances, wine from Lake County and the Napa region, Chai Tea, a centuries-old beverage, which has played an important role in many cultures, and from Panama Red café on Vallejo’s waterfront,  delectable tastings for a festive start before the self-guided tour.
Aside from charming historic Vallejo homes, ranging from imaginative craftsmanship to Victorian, and Italianate to Gothic, there will be a special treat to visit one of Burning Man’s top creations by Shannon O’Hare (Major Catastrophe) the NeverwasHaul built in 2006 and made from 75 percent recycled materials. It is a self-propelled 3-story Victorian house that was built for the Burning Man Festival in 2006 -- a magical nomadic 19th century structure inspired by the works of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and other science fiction writers who focused on the imaginary technology of that age. This time the Victorian Haul will be decked out for the holidays – a rare treat!

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5th Annual Vallejo Mad Hatter Holiday Parade and Festival!

This is it!  The show that started it all. The Mad Hatter Holiday Parade has grown into a full community festival! Check out all the details here and on here!  Below is a summary of activities:


Inspired by Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland," the town of Vallejo has embraced its artistic side to create a full day of Christmas Holiday whimsy! Featuring an art car parade, fire dancers, G-NOME fire gnome, Mexican dancing horses, international food and craft vendors, art car rides, face painting, tree lighting ceremony, lighted boat parade, and Mad Hatter Ball! Here's the commercial:

Art car participants include:

  • Pirate Ship
  • Radio Flyer
  • Tilt-a-Hurl
  • Chester the Fire-Breathing Pony
  • Creature Quad Vehicles - Miss Tickle and the Hawk
  • Fire Breathing Dragon Wagon
  • Vicious Cycle

When:  Saturday December 6th, 2014. From 12:00 noon till 11:00 pm.

Schedule of Events

12pm - Hatter's Tea with Teddy (Vallejo Historical & Naval Museum)

2pm – FREE Festival Holiday Activities @ Unity Plaza and along Georgia Street

4:30pm – Mad Hatter Parade starts at Marin & Georgia Streets

6pm – Tree Lighting Ceremony with fire-shooting Santa Gnome

6:30pm – Lighted Boat Parade

7pm – GVRD’s Christmas Wonderland Park Tree Lighting @ 360 Glen

7:30pm – Mad Hatter Costume Ball @ Dance Unlimited (Georgia & Sonoma Blvd)

Where: Downtown Vallejo, mostly along Georgia Street. See map for details.

Open Studios Nov 8-9, 2014

Come see the magic behind the machines!  The Obtainium Works Studio is open to the public, this Saturday November 8th and Sunday November 9th, 11:00am-5:00pm,  as part of Vallejo's Open Studios program. The event is free.


Contraptions at MAKER FAIRE 2014!!!

Yep! We are at it again! The veteran contraptors from Obtainium Works will once again show off our latest constructions!  Explore the mobile luxury of "Bridget Vardo," a gypsy-style mobile home!  Check out Victor John's massive Big Wheel bike! Sail the high seas with Grego's "Maurader" mini-pirate ship! Experience the surrealality of Marty Kulmus' "Hookah Smoking Caterpillar" art car. And of course Major Catastrophe and his Mechanical Horse, "Isla!" We will be located in the "Steampunk Grove" area outside, behind the "Dark Room" building with the tesla coils! We recommend getting to MAKER FAIRE as early as possible, because it gets crowded fast!

Save the Date! Join us for the 3rd anniversary of Obtainium Works!


Come help us celebrate our 3rd Annual St. Patrick’s Day in Vallejo! We will be having corned beef sandwiches, baked potato bar, salads, hórs doevres, dessert and special drinks served by robots! $20/per person donation includes the meal and1 drink; $5 drinks for purchase.
Entertainment by our own DJ, Grego; Litz Plummer, the SF Opera Lady; and many others!