Welcome Brave Participants!

In order to help you enjoy this rally, we have put together this page to help you figure out the madness.

Click one of the following Registration and Waiver options:

All entries must be registered by July 15 to receive a medal; hand delivered entries should be given directly to the judges at the start of the race.

Check in is at 1pm at Alden Park at 8th & Walnut Avenue, Mare Island, Vallejo 94592.

Trailer parking is Railroad Avenue. You can off-load your vehicle and drive it down Railroad Avenue or Walnut Avenue to the staging area on 8th between Railroad and Walnut (Railroad has tracks, so be cautious!).

Food, Drinks, Music & Merchandise

All participants need to arrive at 1pm and we will be serving food and refreshments (each participant will receive food and drink tickets at check-in; water will be provided).  At this time, we will make sure that you have completed your registration and have a signed waiver for each one of your riders.  There will also be a few vendors selling steampunk-inspired items, DJ music and live music.

The Rally

The rally will begin around 2:30pm under the banner and the map on the other side will give you information on the route, the road challenges to be aware of, and the stops for the 4 Obtainium Cup Challenges.  All challenges along Walnut Avenue, in Chapel Park and Alden Park.

Obtainium Cup Challenges

All participants must work their way through the challenges along the route.  Your ability to move through them will be scored by our panel of Judges who will be riding the Lady Bug Vehicle throughout the rally.  

  • Flying Monkeys. Try to get through the barrage of monkeys without being hit and then try to hit a target!

  • Robot Realm. You must appease the head Robot to make it through this challenge - beware, he has all sorts of hazards attached!

  • Zombie Hazard. To get past this hazard, you must do one of the following: convince them you are a Zombie, bribe them with something a Zombie would want (jello brains or vodka for Russian Sailor Zombies), or convince them you have no brains, or come up with an original solution (beating Zombies with croquet bats or other weaponry is forbidden as this is a protected Zombie Preserve).

  • Mad Hatter Tea Party. The Queen of Hearts leads the madcap party in a variety of riddles and games!

Race Finish & After Party

The race will finish when the last vehicle crosses the finish line at Alden Park or no later than 5pm.  Afterwards, there will be an awards ceremony along with food items, refreshments, and music until 6pm.

ROAD Marshals

You will be supported by road marshals along Walnut Avenue who will be dressed in white shirts and khaki pants sporting pith helmets.  They will help ensure you get through the rally without incident…or will help you get lost along the way!