The Airship Impetuous

(Cue the Star Wars Imperial March theme music). Never before seen images, secretly drawn by the Major in his desert fortress, are the plans for a vehicle unlike any other. Similar in concept to the Victorian airships of the Frank Reade stories, the Airship Impetuous is a wonder to behold. Larger than the Neverwas Haul, it will include monkey launchers, two scout cars, a full lounge, and other accommodations not yet revealed. It will have DaVinci-style airscrews for air lift, and wheels for land locomotion. Brewing for many years, the Airship is the next generation of the epic Hibernian Exploration Fleet. More details to come...

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Current Projects

Pirate Ship

Designed over a handicap scooter, this beautiful ship sails the seven seas! (Or at least the local fairs and festivals.) Popular with kids and adults, it has sailed through Pirate Fest, the July 4th Parade, local baseball games, Maker Faire, and the Obtainium Cup.

Chimera Big Wheel Bike

Victor John never had a Big Wheel as a kid, so he built one! He created a hub less big wheel system which is a hybrid human or motor powered. It takes some effort to start, but it covers a lot of road fast!

Steam Man!

Also known as the multi-purpose robot, this remote controlled device has seen many incarnations over the years. The most current version as the Cynical Robot at the Obtainium Cup was the voice of the Mad Scientist.

Neverwas Haul

Our flagship vehicle, this is a three story Victorian House on wheels. Concieved by master carpenter and artist Shannon O'Hare (aka Major Catastrophe), this is the art car we are famous for. Keep up to date on its adventures here.

Mutant Bicycles!

We needed more transportation at Burning Man. We also had several folks who wanted to build an art vehicle. So the crew worked together to create these personal bikes! Samuel and Katherine built the "High Spirits" as a side-by-side bike so they can talk. It also has a large table and a basket for serving drinks! Stephen Jacobson's "Shutter Speed" was designed for his photographer needs: ample storage, places to mount cameras, and a wide seat to hold gear or guests!

Mechanical Horse

Shannon has been obsessed with horses lately. He rode one like this as a child, but it only went one way! So he built his own horse that can steer.

Tea Pot

Designed for celebrating the new Mad Hatter's Parade in Vallejo, the Tea Pot actually blows steam from its spout. Here is a link to the Mad Hatter Holiday Festival.

Trolley Car

Built by Shannon O'Hare from a warehouse scooter. A mini version of the famous San Francisco Cable Car, it can carry 6-8 people, if the motor is happy that day.

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Alumni Projects

Chairway to Heaven

An epic party couch built by Dave and Vicki Wilson, the "Chairway to Heaven" is so-called because one can drive rather quickly while lifted to over ten feet in the air!  Complete with a stereo sound system, flame poofer, LED light show, and new pincher claws. The Chairway (also known as "the Couch") is famous for its unique scissor lift system.  Click here for a deeper description.

Silver Fish

Built by Kimric Smythe and Liam McNamara, the Silver Fish is a high speed, amphibious canoe for two! Designed to compete in the Grand Kinetic Championship in Eureka, the Silver Fish breezed through the Second Obtainium Cup.

Kristy's Flyer

Built by Kimric Smythe, this three-wheeler is a true steam-powered car. It has been showcased at Maker Faire and other festivals.

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Retired Projects

Parlor Car

Built by Dave Wilson and Shannon O'Hare, this is our first tri-phibious vehicle. It can ride on land, water and rails.  It was designed for the Kinetic Grand Championship, a three day, 42 mile death march er, endurance contest for any art vehicle. The vehicle worked great on the water, but driving on land seemed to be a challenge. It also raced on the rails at the 2011 Handcar Regatta. The vision for the vehicle is an 1895 model of a "car of the future." Click here for details.

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